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Pakistan Facts

  • 42 million people
    or roughly 30% of the population
    are poor
  • 61 million people
    or approx. 45% of the population
    have no access to
    safe drinking water
  • 18,000,000 live in Karachi

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YWAM England has been partnering with YWAM Pakistan for over 15 years,

training indigenous leaders

responding to disasters

assisting persecuted Christians

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Peshawar Bomb Victims receive supplies

Winter Appeal. Needy families have recieved food, blankets, heaters, household items, clothes, cash and school fees - all with your help!

Thank you! It has made all the difference to them and they are very grateful.

"We were getting cold and feeling forgotten, thank you for visiting us and helping us in every way. Please come to visit us again!"


The YWAM field officers visiting victims of bomb blast and also bringing supplies and devotional calendars


The situation in Peshawar among the bomb blast victims remains a concern for us.

Some people have life long injuries and families have lost breadwinners, their situation that has no quick or easy solutions.

One group of five young people were orphaned in a flash and now live with a cousin who is unable to provide for all of them. They are all of school age and fsace a bleak future without continuous support.

Some recently widowed ladies are hoping to learn new skills such as sewing, so they can earn money through tailoring, but all this takes time and needs a resident team to arrange support and source resources for the complex needs of these individual families. We are therefore seeking donations to fund a small team of volunteers in the city for the next couple of years. This would enable us to monoitor the condition of the families we have met and to make their needs known to those who would wish to offer more long term support to those who have suffered so terribly in this cruel, unprovoked attack upon innocent Christians.

During our last visit we also found the Muslim families who had been bereaved because of the suicide attack. The security guards and caterer were all killed instantly, leaving widows and children to fend for themselves in a difficult social environment where very few ladies can earn incomes on their own.

"Thank you for coming and helping us at this time" they said. "We have watched Christians help each other and receive help from one another, but you are the first to visit us and do something to supply our needs. We are in tears because we thought no one cared about our suffering, only about their own, we will not forget your visit".

You can contribute to this work clicking the Donation tab above and choosing your option.

Download our APPEAL NEWSLETTER and email it to your friends, these suffering Christians should not be forgotton, their injuries are long term and the rehab phase will take a few years.

Thank you

If you would like to donate to the YWAM Relief fund for persecuted christians in Pakistan, please click on the link at the top of the page for info on how to give.

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